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Brunch weddings: The wedding trend that will be making a comeback for 2021 and the latest trend we are obsessed with! Whether you are wanting a sweeping soiree full of bottomless mimosas or keeping it sweet with close family and friends, check out our complete guide to the ultimate brunch wedding.

Indoor or Outdoor…

You can be flexible with venues when hosting a brunch wedding, however, an indoor location designed for evening affairs can look out of place. When the weather is right, an outdoor brunch is a glorious setting for a wedding. You can style it to be as eccentric or laid back as you like.

Did Someone Say Bottomless…

Is brunch really brunch without bottomless drinks? Providing your guests with a “pimp my prosecco” bar with peach and orange juice will certainly have them feeling like kids in a candy shop. It’s a great and inexpensive way to offer multiple drinks to your guests.

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee…

For the adults that need caffeine in the mornings, we love the idea of a coffee cart. You can find some gorgeous ones to tie in with your theme and style. Want to mix things up? Why not have a coffee cart outside the ceremony for everyone to enjoy before the nuptials, that way when it comes to the brunch everyone is awake and ready to party.

Hold The Prosseco…

Whether you’re throwing a non-alcoholic wedding or just catering for the non-drinkers, offering an alcoholic-free drinks station is super cute and fun.

Food Glorious Food…

What’s the first word you think of when you think of brunch? Food! You cannot throw a brunch wedding without offering the ultimate menu. Think of it like walking into a hotel breakfast buffet; offer sweet and savoury to cater for all. The downside to this is you will need to cater more food than an evening wedding due to different tastes and brunch favourites.

Cupcakes For Everyone…

Having a brunch wedding means you can step away from a traditional cake. Guests will most likely pass on the cake after enjoying a large breakfast with sweet options such as pancakes and waffles. Cupcakes are making a comeback in 2021 for weddings, so why not combine your wedding cake as a wedding favour for your guests!

Neutral, Gold & Greenery…

The best part of a brunch wedding is you can style it however you like and on any budget, whether it’s a low-key garden party or hosted indoors at an exquisite venue. We personally love including neutral tones, greenery, and linen for styling and adding in some gorgeous gold tones to make it pop.

Dress Up Or Down…

The beauty of throwing a brunch wedding is you can decide how fancy or relaxed you would like your guests to dress, to go alongside your gown, and the styling of the event. It won’t be likely your guest will show up in show-stopping sparkles, but dresses and heels are still appropriate. Ensure you make the dress code clear on the invite to avoid any confusion.

Dance The Day Away…

A brunch wedding is a great option if you would like to host a dancefloor or not. If you’re clearing space for the floor, be aware not everyone will be as forthcoming to dance compared to 9 pm on a Saturday.

Tips To Remember…

Here are some tips to remember when planning a brunch wedding.

  • Your day will start early: It’s important to understand how much time hair and makeup are going to need. Typically, a wedding starting at 12 pm with 4 bridesmaids can require a 6 am start time.
  • Less pre-wedding time:  One of our favourite times for a wedding is a relaxing morning with close friends and family whilst getting ready. Usually, this time involves gifts, prosecco to stop pre-morning jitters, and sharing memories. Having an early start will cut this special time down.
  • Save money on certain areas: Hosting a brunch wedding will cut the costs down on somethings like venue and alcohol (no need for a full-service bar), however, photographers and band/DJs will still cost the same, as well as the food.
  • Organise after wedding activity: Whether you will be carrying on the party after the reception or heading off to spend the rest of the day just you two, you will need to have an idea in mind to let your guests know.

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