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Will a ‘smartphone free wedding’ now click with guests? Yes, because that’s what most brides and their photographers may be most comfortable with!

Professional Photographer at wedding

Professional Photographer at wedding

Almost all of us are guilty of vicariously enjoying beautiful moments, especially at weddings, from behind the screens of our smartphones.

However, being invited to a wedding is an opportunity to immerse oneself fully in the occasion by being in the moment without any distractions – and isn’t it even more important now when we have already spent time and more time on our gadgets and smartphones?

To get all your guests to be fully present and allow wedding photographers to do their job smoothly is a great idea, especially if it’s an intimate wedding. Here are some polite and persuasive ways to word your note to them:

smartphone free wedding

smartphone free wedding

smartphone free wedding

Here are some other steps you can take:

a. Arrange for signs to be displayed at the entrance of your events venues and around seating areas. The sign can state a firm but polite message for guests, such as:

Signs at the venue

Polite message for guests

signboard at the wedding

b. Before the ceremony begins, have the priest or emcee request guests to turn off their mobile phones.

c. As your ushers guide guests to their seats, ask them to gently remind guests that smartphones should not be used to click photos.

What do you think?
Is it OK to ask guests not to take photos with their smartphones during your wedding functions?
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