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0dB Sound Works is in it’s sixth year in the field of producing successful sound tracks and sound-designs for both television and radio commercials for most of the leading advertising agencies, corporate films and audiovisuals, television serials, live events such as product launches, etc. along with being let out as a hiring facility for recordings for documentary film makers and other private producers, etc.

The advantage 0dB Sound Works has over most of the other studios is that we have a strong music as well as a technical background, which helps us to produce our own music for any kind of job that the client requires. It also helps the clients/ producers a great deal, as they do not have to hire a music director or arranger for the job, seperately. We also have a collection of sfx audio CDs, which help us in creating the right kind of sound-design for our jobs as and when the need arises.

The studio has a hard-disk based digital recording platform which can handle upto 200 audio channels and run video play-back simultaneously, in real-time while recording, which greatly aides in dubbing in sync with the visuals with no need for an external video player, cutting out the time required for any kind of chase-locking and/or queing . This system also helps in getting exact sync points for sfx sounds and precise audio editing for visuals.

As for the recording platform “0dB Sound Works” uses “Steinberg Nuendo”, ver. 3.0 and Cubase SX as its main recording medium, with an TASCAM FW1884 Digital Control surface and Audio mixer, which can record up to a sample rate of 96khz .”Steinberg Nuendo” being a state of the art recording software, has a completely automated mixer built into the software, which works in tandem with the external mixer, along with plug-ins for sound processing, capableof handling the most demanding of automations and mixes, and the final mix can be burnt onto a CD, DVD or an external DAT recorder.

The video is captured through a Pinnacle Video 8 video input-output card or in mpeg, avi or quicktime formats and stored on to the hard disk for further use.

The mics used are Shure SM 58 and Berringer XM 8500 dynamic microphones, which produce very satisfactory results for voices and most other requirements. The sound is monitored using a pair of Yamaha MSP 10 active mid-field studio monitors.

Other studio gear include Korg Trinity Workstation, Roland JV 1000 Workstation, ESI MIDI Controller keyboard, Roland MC 303 Groove Box, Kurzweil K2500RS Sampler, Yamaha C-70 Semi-Acoustic Claasical guitar, Yamaha FG-340 Acoustic Steel string guitar, Montana Semi-Acoustic Jumbo Steel string guitar and a host of sampled sounds and VSTi (Virtual Intruments and Plug-ins) for the latest classic, contemporary and international sounds!!

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