Bigger doesn’t always mean better!. In India, the wedding is not just a function. It is one of the big moment that entire family involves. Therefore many families spent more money and time on there family weddings. Obviously, they want a Big wedding that surprises their relations. But as I earlier said, Bigger doesn’t always mean better! If you plan well, Micro weddings can give you more pleasure than you think.


Planing a big wedding is a very stressful job. Therefore, couples want to escape the pressure and fatigue that comes with planning a mega wedding, which they don’t get to enjoy. Now, as trend couples are trying to maintain a shorter guest list but they spend more on a custom décor element and entertainments. The most precious thing is now the bride and groom care about value and the experience of their wedding day.


But this does not mean that they are going to skip the essential parts of the wedding. The beauty is the micro-weddings contain all the elements of a traditional ceremony, just on a much smaller scale. Micro weddings help to plan a wedding more elegant and more suits to your budget.


This does not mean that since it is a micro wedding and you do not want to plan it. A wedding is a wedding at the end of the day. Since these are a personalised phenomenon, more attention to details is need by the bride and groom. Yes, you have to plan it. You can use this link to find some good Micro wedding ideas to your big day.


Don’t forget that your wedding is not only for you. Most of the time it represents your family and relations to the world. But it is the time that you should enjoy. Because finally, it’s your wedding day. Fewer people, small budget, fewer decorations don’t matter If you really enjoy it.

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