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We know that planning a wedding can be super stressful! In fact, planning a wedding in 2020 is even more stressful than normal! Well, while we can’t take away the wedding stress, we can certainly try to help you manage it! Here’s are our top tips for how to deal with that all that wedding stress!


If wedding stress has you feeling all anxious, tense, and worried, then it’s time for you to take a minute to meditate so you can restore your calm and peace. We love this practice as you can meditate any time and anywhere – whether you’re in a meeting with your wedding vendors, trying on your wedding dress, or having conversations with your family over the guestlist!

Breathtaking Exercising…

We know this sounds simple, but breathing correctly is SO important. Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath when you’re stressed? Or you may have experienced shock and stop breathing for a second? Not only can wedding planning be stressful, but there may things that don’t go according to plan on your big day. So we’re here to remind you that’s okay – just take a moment and follow these steps.
1. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, keeping your shoulders relaxed. 
2. Exhale slowly through your mouth. As you blow air out, purse your lips slightly, but keep your jaw relaxed… 
3. Repeat this breathing exercise. Do it for several minutes until you start to feel better. 

Digital Detox…

Put. The. Phone. Down…We repeat… Put. The. Phone. Down.
The digital world can be quite overwhelming and you need to take a break. Yes, this includes Pinterest! It’s easily the platform you can spend too much time on. You’ve started with inspiration boards for a small intimate wedding and the next thing you know you’re booking your reception for the South of France. Put. The. Phone. Down.

Take A Stroll…

You might be amazed at how much calmer and less stressed you will feel after a bit of exercise! For you, this might be a gym session or a yoga class. We also think it’s a really positive idea to take your exercise to the great outdoors so that you can get those endorphins going while soaking up some Vitamin D!

Accept What You Can’t Change…

Yes, something might go wrong on your big day, and as annoying as that may be, there probably isn’t anything you can do about it! It’s best to accept what you can’t change and enjoy your beautiful day of love. While you’re planning the wedding and your stress starts to build, it’s important to begin the process of logical and calm thinking. Always remind yourself what the day is about and that no matter what, it will be magical.

Have A Break…

It’s so easy to get caught in the craze that is planning a wedding. It’s so important to take a break, recharge, and focus on other things that may not include whether or not you’re having steak or fish at your wedding. Step away from your spreadsheets, Instagram, and Pinterest, light your favourite candle, or catch up on your favourite Netflix show. Just enjoy a break in realtime.

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