This will be the brightest day ever. If we are speaking about an Indian wedding we know that it is not an ordinary wedding. It is one of the most magical time that you will have in your entire life.


Indian wedding consists of many traditional rituals, a bright feast with songs, dances and tasty sweety foods. There are no secrets, that most of the love birds try to do some significant changes in there wedding planning. Because they want to celebrate there big day with a uniqueness. With the effect of the covid-19 outbreak majority of them to be a wedding, couples try to go with eco-friendly wedding themes. Because not only its a trend, they want to bring a little love for the environment into a big celebration.


How eco-friendly wedding will brighten your wedding depend on your creativity. Think about an outdoor celebration under a big tree with bed of roses surround with green grass. That will elevate your ultimate celebration of love among others. Not only in the big day you can start this theme with the first step of your celebration. You can use eco – friendly plantable paper for your invitation cards. There is no doubt that everyone will talk about your seeds of love. If you want more details on eco-friendly plantable papers please visit this link.

Even though most of the weddings use reusable function materials that made of non-biodegradable materials, you can use disposable materials that brighten your big day.

Many young couples now try to use fresh flowers, tree parts that not only give beauty to your wedding but also the smell of fresh flowers will take you to the most excellent feeling ever.


Indian weddings always consist of songs and firecracker sounds. However, air and sound pollution are the most obvious harms that firecrackers cause. With eco – friendly theme most natural overs try to avoid firecracker in there weddings. 


This improves recognition of your wedding as a unique and also nature also will enjoy your wedding.

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