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If we could narrow down a list of our all-time favorite things about working in the wedding industry, “Helping our lovely friends shop for their perfect wedding dresses” would easily break the top five. Since we get to collaborate with so many beautiful and talented women in the bridal sphere (boutique owners, media partners, and industry creatives, to name a few), we can’t help but geek out every time one of them gets engaged and starts making plans for her dream wedding dress (in this case, a lace sheath wedding dress!). Can you blame us for wanting to regale our ladies with something utterly divine for their best day ever?

For today’s #Maggiebride wedding feature, that beautiful and talented lady is Ashlee Jensen. She’s a longtime Maggie model and dear friend from the wedding and fashion industry.

Designing Ashlee’s Lace Sheath Wedding Dress

Ashlee Jensen is a mom, model, content creator, and lifestyle influencer (catch her on Instagram, @ashlee.annn). She has also been a big muse in our runway shows and collection campaigns for several seasons now. (You’ve likely seen her sashaying around in our latest bridal styles on our social media.)

When Ashlee got engaged to her sweetheart, Dane, back in March 2020, our design team was immediately on board to partner with our newest bride-to-be to create her dream wedding gown.

We decided together that it would be culmination of every wedding dress Ashlee has ever loved to wear for our runway shows. We wanted to create something comfortable, timeless, romantic, and uniquely personalized to her love story. Read on for how we designed the perfect floral lace sheath wedding dress for her summer celebration!

Ashlee’s Partnership with Maggie Sottero Designs

Ashlee started working for our model campaigns in the mid-2010s. In her words she said, “I wanted to work with Maggie Sottero Designs for a long time. And I auditioned to model for them three or four times before I actually got the job. When I did get the job, I was so excited because it was a dream I’d had for a while. I wanted to do the best job possible!”

After Ashlee modeled for some of our home-based projects, she traveled with our events team to do runway shows in cities like New York and Chicago. “It was such a fun experience to be part of the Maggie team for Bridal Fashion Week in the spring and fall,” says Ashlee. “Working, traveling, and adventuring together—this is how I developed some really beautiful relationships with the other Maggie models and employees.”

Ashlee soon became a friend and go-to model for our runway and collection campaigns. We’ve always been inspired by her sweet personality, timeless beauty, and longstanding professionalism. We love how easily she brings our wedding gowns to life—whether she’s on the runway, in front of a camera, or modeling for a special event. And of course, we are truly honored that after all these years, Ashlee trusted us to be part of her special day.

Ashlee said, “Maggie Sottero Designs has been there with me through a lot of my life. I’ve really looked at them as part of my career and love story. They’ve been there for me through so much. And I’ve been able to rely on them during all sorts of ups and downs in my work and personal life. Bringing them into my love story and having them design my wedding dress has been the most beautiful and rewarding process.”

Ashlee’s Love Story and Wedding Vision

Ashlee and Dane are one of our favorite real-life couples. These past few years we’ve had the pleasure of seeing them grow from new friends to committed partners. And now, we’re so excited to see them build their future as newlyweds.  

“I met Dane through a mutual friend,” says Ashlee. “He proposed at our favorite restaurant that he had rented out. I thought I was going to a charity event, but when I got there, Dane was standing with my daughter at the end of a pathway made with candles and flowers. Once Dane proposed to me and I said ‘Yes!,’ he then gave Poppy a ring and asked if he could be her daddy. It was the sweetest moment that I’ll never forget.”

For her wedding, Ashlee envisioned something timeless, romantic, chic, and airy. She wanted to bring in inspiration from her family, love story, and home landscape, as well as incorporate elegant details for a romantic and sophisticated aesthetic.

“Ultimately, everything about our union was intimate, special, and meaningful to our love story,” says Ashlee. “So, having Maggie Sottero Designs be part of the process felt totally natural to our vision.” Keep scrolling for details about the lace sheath wedding dress we designed for Ashlee’s big day!

A 3-D Floral Lace Sheath Wedding Dress

When Ashlee approached us about designing her wedding gown, we set out to create something that reflected that natural radiance—inside and out.  

For Ashlee, creating her dream wedding dress meant balancing both classic and personalized design elements. “I’ve always liked clean and classic bridal styles,” she says. “I wanted something that would look timeless for years to come, but I also wanted to add a special and personalized element for my daughter, Poppy.

When Maggie presented some initial sketches, I loved how these 3-D lace motifs looked like poppy flowers. The idea made it into my final design—the 3-D florals on the sleeves and bodice are a representation of Poppy.”

Ashlee’s completed lace sheath wedding dress was made with crepe, illusion, and striking floral motifs. Illusion bell sleeves gave the bridal gown a soft and romantic vibe, 3-D lace added a touch of whimsy, and minimalist crepe ensured a flattering and ultra-comfy fit. F

Finally, Ashlee collaborated with us to design a complementary veil embellished in matching floral motifs. It was the perfect accessory for her custom bridal ensemble. We might be biased, but we think her final look is truly exceptional!

Sneak Peek! Arta by Maggie Sottero, Inspired by Ashlee’s Custom Design

Love Ashlee’s couture and customized 3-D floral lace wedding dress? Check out this sneak peek of Arta by Maggie Sottero—inspired by Ashlee’s design and featuring a few unique elements of its own.

This soft and feminine bridal gown will soon be available as part of our launch for Fall 2021 collections. Once these wedding dresses are live on our website, contact a Maggie Sottero Designs Authorized Retailer to find a sample near you.

Chic Details from Ashlee’s Wedding Day

Ashlee curated her wedding vision much like she designed her bridal gown. She wanted something airy, summery, and (of course!) personalized to her love story. The ceremony took place in midsummer at a gorgeous outdoor venue in Utah—complete with sweeping mountain vistas and woodsy backdrops.

For florals, Ashlee chose a light pastel scheme, pairing sweet blush blooms with bright greenery in loose, organic bouquet patterns. (We especially love Poppy’s delicate flower crown made with ribbon and baby’s breath.)

For their wedding invites, Ashlee chose a chic off-white neutral with a taupe-like blush hue. The contrasting calligraphy looked so romantic—not too trendy but not too formal, and perfectly on point for a summer celebration.

An Intimate Summer Wedding Celebration

Ashlee decided to echo the motifs in her 3-D floral lace wedding dress with Poppy’s white dress and her mother’s MOB gown. She then dressed her wedding party in emerald green—a vibrant and unexpected complement to her soft wedding gown and blush-hued bouquet.

Ashlee and Dane personalized their ceremony to their guests, family, vows, and love story. For example, Ashlee walked down the aisle with Poppy in lieu of the traditional “giving away.” The couple also incorporated Poppy into their joint vows as family-to-be.

Ashlee and Dane wanted a small and intimate celebration, opting for a chic and stylish “family banquet” table set under a canopy of outdoor fairy lights for their reception. Table settings and décor included blush plates, matching utensils, classic stemware, and rosy floral centerpieces. Divine!

Gorgeous Wedding Gowns Inspired by Our Real Brides

We’re so honored that we get to collaborate with our friends and muses in the bridal and fashion industry. It’s even more inspiring when these collaborations lead to real-life wedding magic.

It was a privilege to create this brand new and customized lace sheath wedding dress for Ashlee’s gorgeous summer celebration, as well as incorporate that gown’s inspiration into our upcoming Maggie Sottero collections. We can’t wait to share our new Arta style with our brides-to-be!

Ashlee’s wedding is also soon to be featured on The Knot’s real weddings, so keep an eye out for her dreamy gallery and interview in their next issue.

For more of our 3-D floral lace wedding dress trend, dive into these 14 floral wedding dresses (chic, whimsical, and utterly feminine) on our blog. Floral motifs are a gorgeous addition to illusion fabric, long sleeves, statement backs, accessories, and long train treatments. Click the link if you love the look!

More Wedding Dress Inspo

Finally, take a moment to check out our options to personalize your own Maggie Sottero wedding dress. Many of our gowns feature ways to customize details like sleeves, fabrics, trains, necklines, and bodices—such as adding a sparkly layer, changing an illusion lining, shortening or lengthening your skirt, or doubling down on a statement train embellishment.

You can choose to match details like bra cups and nude lining to your skin tone, as well as adjust a wedding gown’s coverage and support to complement your natural figure.

We also offer a fabulous selection of accessories to personalize your bridal look, from dramatic veils and stylish overskirts to illusion capes and flirty lace jackets. Talk to your Authorized Retailer about your full catalog of personalization options from Maggie Sottero, then mix and match to your heart’s content!

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Ashlee for collaborating with us on her dream wedding dress design, and a heartfelt “Congratulations!” to her newly committed family with Dane and Poppy!

As always, we love being part of each and every love story—from those in our immediate Maggie collaborators to our extended family of Maggie brides from all over the world. Best wishes to you and yours!

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