Indian weddings are the epitome of extravagant celebrations. In recent times, Indian weddings are somehow affected because of all the precautions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But no need to hold onto your love, let’s resume the celebrations once again keeping all the safety measure hand in hand.

A wedding day is the most important day of the couple’s life. Be it a simple wedding, event planning is necessary and can be stressful enough. Moreover, during these times, extra planning is important. How about saving your time and visit online event planners? Visit this link and you are good to go with your simple yet the most joyous event of your life. You can not plan a honeymoon soon after the wedding but your wedding will surely be the most memorable day of your life.

Bridal masks are the new common now but don’t worry about that, just hire the people for all the hectic tasks while you enjoy the small pre-wedding celebrations quarantined into your home. Food with extra safety and the venue that should be on point about the decoration, also ensuring the safety precautions in these times, you need the event planner in all the aspects to make your pandemic wedding the most exciting day of your life, so that when you grow old you can smile while thinking of your “pandemic wedding”.

COVID-19 has affected the “Big Fat Indian wedding” culture but don’t let it transfer onto “zoom”. Hire some good vendors for all the necessary events of your wedding day. Here is the link to help you, in case you are finding it difficult to manage your wedding and hiring good vendors that fit into your budget. Continue the legacy of the traditional and beautiful wedding celebrations, even when you are getting married from home or in a small intimate ceremony with close friends and family who are genuinely happy for your upcoming journey. Fewer people, fewer decorations in a much less budget. And above all, the wedding chaos does not matter if the people around you are making your day worth enjoying.

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